5 Things that Got Kate Through Rehab

Kate Barrett '14 walks near her apartment in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Kate Barrett '14, our Spring 2017 Profile subject, lives by the mantra, "better, not bitter," and used that as her inspiration while learning to walk again after a skiing accident. See what else got her through her rehab stay.

5 Things That Got Kate Through Three Months at Spaulding

1. Non-hospital food. Standouts included pad thai and iced coffee brought in by friends, and especially her dad’s homemade veggie pizza (“it’s like gourmet to-die-for”).

2. Excursions. Kate’s friends would whisk her away to the Boston’s Museum of Science or the CambridgeSide Galleria Mall. Then (see #1!) they’d get Mexican food from QDOBA.

3. Watching sports. March Madness, Stanley Cup, you name it. It helped that the view out Kate’s sixth-floor window was the TD Garden. (Spaulding has since relocated to Charlestown.) “They light it up green if the Celtics are playing that night or yellow if the Bruins are, so we’d always notice what game we could watch. What an excellent form of distraction!”

4. The kindness of the staff. Not just her amazing physical therapists and occupational therapists, but near-strangers, too. One night, a resident on call who barely knew Kate sensed she was at a low moment. The resident decided to forego rounds, and watched a whole episode of Downton Abbey with her. From Barrett: “To this day I can’t forget that moment.”

5. Her faith. “My mom encouraged me to turn to God right after the accident,” said Barrett. “But it didn’t feel like an option. I was so sad, devastated and frustrated. But when I was more removed from my immediate injury, I began to see God in all the people—my friends, my family, so many others— who were accompanying me on my journey. That has continued.”

Compiled by Katharine Whittemore