Off the Track with Hannah Jeter '18

Hannah Jeter ’18 has been running since before she could walk. “My family has a picture of my dad pushing a baby jogger with my older sister and me in it during a 5K race,” she says. Jeter grew up in a family of runners in Eden Prairie, Minnesota: Her parents are both graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where they discovered a love of long distance running and completed several Marine Corps Marathons. Jeter’s older sister ran cross country and track in college, and her younger brother is about to embark on a college running career of his own. Sometimes, the Jeter family even goes running as a group. When she’s not running with her family, Jeter is training with the cross country and track teams at Holy Cross. HCM caught up with her during the summer break:

Holy Cross Magazine: This issue is coming out after the start of the new school year. How did you spend your summer?
Hannah Jeter: I worked as a housekeeper for the Glacier Guides Lodge in West Glacier, Montana, with one of my friends on the cross country team, Haley Leishman ’18. We lived in a tent, climbed mountains, rafted through whitewater and cleaned a lot of bathrooms!

HCM: Why did you choose Holy Cross?
Jeter: When I visited Holy Cross and met the students and people here, I knew I wanted to be a part of this community. It has become a second family to me.

HCM: What is your major and why did you choose it?
Jeter: I am an economics major. I think it's really exciting to see how little decisions or one country's policies can have huge effects on the world economy and people's quality of life. Studying economics shows how much people are connected to one another, and I also love the problem-solving aspects of economics.

HCM: Last fall, you were named to the Academic All-Patriot League cross country team and the Patriot League Academic Honor Roll. Where is your favorite place to study on campus?
Jeter: My favorite place to study on campus is on the couches outside of the science library. I’m a social studier, so a couple friends and I alternately talk and study and it keeps me productive and focused.

HCM: What is your best study tip?
Jeter: My best study tip is sleep. I believe that sleep is an underrated part of learning, so I try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

HCM: You were also named the Patriot League Rookie of the Year when you were a first-year student, and you are the first Holy Cross runner to earn that honor. What was your reaction when you found out?
Jeter: It was a huge honor to receive this award, and to represent Holy Cross. My coaches and teammates really helped me through my first year and it was a humbling experience to be with them when presented with the award.

HCM: What is your favorite running route in Worcester?
Jeter: We have a run called Orchard that we’ll do a couple times every season, and it is lovely, especially in the fall. There are some surprisingly pretty areas that are fairly accessible from Holy Cross, with farms, apple orchards and horses that you wouldn’t expect to be so close to the city.

HCM: Do you like to listen to music while you run, or do you prefer silence?
Jeter: When I run by myself, I like to think, so I don’t listen to music, and when I run with my teammates, we pretty much talk the entire time.

HCM: This Q&A will be part of our food-themed issue. What is your pre-race meal routine?
Jeter: We often have a team breakfast at Kimball before we travel to a meet, and I recently started eating a big breakfast of a couple eggs and a peanut butter bagel. Right before I race, I’ll eat a couple Sour Patch Kids because they’re basically sugar, so I have a bit of immediate energy.

HCM: Do you have any foods you like to reward yourself with after a good race?
Jeter: After meets, my teammates and I will sometimes get flatbread pizzas from Crossroads and milkshakes from Cool Beans. It’s an amazing combination.

HCM: What is your favorite place to eat on campus? And what do you order there?
Jeter: I love Kimball probably more than is rational. My favorite meal this year was the pulled pork sandwiches.

HCM: Is there a song that could sum up your Holy Cross experience?
Jeter: “Lift High the Cross”

HCM: How does winter in Minnesota compare to winter on The Hill?
Jeter: While The Hill gets cold, it never gets as cold as it can get in Minnesota. Sometimes we would get school off because, with the wind chill, it was -40 degrees outside.

HCM: What is your favorite winter activity?
Jeter: Downhill skiing

HCM: You volunteer as an elementary school tutor at Quinsigamond Elementary School and at Abby’s House, a women’s homeless shelter in Worcester. Why did you get involved with service programs here at Holy Cross?
Jeter: Volunteering in college has opened my eyes and helped me understand what “men and women for others” is all about. I joined these programs because of the atmosphere of service at Holy Cross and among the members of my team.  ■

—Maura Sullivan Hill