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More Bowling Memories
I’d like to add one more footnote to the research on the campus bowling lanes (Solved Photo, Page 73). In the fall of ’72, as newly minted freshmen, Anne Looney ’76 (now Anne Elsaid) and I joined the Bowling Club, which met at the lanes in the basement of Hogan every Tuesday night. Yes, that was the first year of coeducation, and it was fun to be the only two females in the group. I remember that Hogan went under renovation during my four years at HC, and the bowling lanes were gone by graduation in ’76. Thanks for the memories that these articles bring back.  ■

Paula M. Braman-Duarte ’76, Riverside, Rhode Island

Living Their Faith in a Unique Way
I just finished reading through this issue and was so glad to see the articles about the Catholic Worker movement (Catholic Worker Connections, Page 38).  Thanks for the great articles about alums who are living their faith in a way that is so challenging.  ■

Hon. Kathleen Hughes Burgess ’79, Delmar, New York

Editor’s Note Elizabeth Walker, author of Catholic Worker Connections, received the following in response to her article:

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for your wonderful writing about Holy Cross alumni and the Catholic Worker. I loved the first sentence where you wrote that our interaction with Dorothy Day (some of us knew her) and the Catholic Worker changed our lives. It certainly did mine. I’m hoping the effort to canonize Dorothy occurs in my lifetime; if so, I plan on going to Rome when it happens. ■

Shawn Donovan ’72, Lebanon, New Hampshire

Kudos to the College
I enjoy reading the Holy Cross Magazine so much—it’s all that my husband and father-in-law, Jim Ryan ’33, raved about and more—great leadership, excellent professors, stimulating atmosphere for learning and a great culture of service to others. That is so important to imbue in this egocentric world.  ■

Ruthanne Ryan W59, wife of the late David P. Ryan ’59, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Thank You, Ellen
I just read Ellen Ryder’s reflection in Holy Cross Magazine and wanted to wish you well on your new adventure in San Francisco. Holy Cross will certainly miss your presence! You represented the school with such grace and dedication.  ■

Teresa Wheeler ’83, Auburn, Massachusetts

A Tribute to “Sis”
Editor's Note In our Winter 2016 issue, the “Mother Kimball” feature (Page 88) included a piece on “Everyone’s Favorite Sis,” Charlotte “Sis” Wise, whose friendly face greeted Holy Cross students coming to Kimball for meals for over 30 years. Sis was beloved by generations of Holy Cross students. She passed away in July 2016, after retiring from Holy Cross Dining in November 2015. On both occasions, comments poured in to our Holy Cross newsroom website and social media accounts, honoring Sis for the impact she had on thousands of Crusaders. Here are a few:

As alumni, I am sure we all have a favorite teacher or coach. Most of them were well-known and their names quite recognizable. Sis, you were neither a teacher nor a coach. In fact, to a lesser community, you may have been invisible in your role, but at Holy Cross you were well-known for the simple act of kindness you extended each day to students. I recall you at times adding that extra spoon of rice to my plate as you placed your index finger to your lips … “Shhh.” You fed our hearts and stomachs over the years, and I thank you. You treated us just like our moms would! You were a welcomed reminder of home. You are loved and will be missed. Congratulations on your retirement.
Your HC son,
Arnold Principal Jr. ’91

There are few people on campus who have brightened as many lives as Sis did. She didn’t just know our names, she was a regular part of our lives during a formidable time as we entered adulthood. She exemplified the idea of “men and women for others” in her daily work on Mount St. James and was an important part of our college experience. I will miss her smile so much. She won’t need to swipe people in to the eternal banquet in heaven, but I’m sure she would if she could.
Vanessa Corcoran ’08

Each time I walked in to Kimball, I was greeted with an energetic, “Hello, Cha-Cha!” You never failed to put a smile on my face, especially during the stress of finals, and I am sincerely sorry for not saying this sooner, but thank you. You will always have a special place in my heart and in those of many others. Keeping you, your husband and family in my prayers.
Nwachalu L. Ekpecham ’13

Harry A. M. Rush Jr. was listed with the Class of 1961 in the Summer 2016 In Memoriam, but Mr. Rush was a member of the Class of 1962.

In "Crusaders Honored for Dedicated Service" (Alumni News, Page 70), Lauren Porter, daughter of Timothy L. Porter ’68, was incorrectly listed as Laura Porter. Holy Cross Magazine regrets these errors.  ■

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