The Power of One: Brendan Cohn ’03

Brendan Cohn ’03

Newton, Massachusetts

wife, Jenna; father, Rick ’68; brother, Adam ’99

What He Did at Holy Cross
“I played on the inaugural club hockey team, which included some real characters. I also wrote for The Crusader.”

How Holy Cross Affected His Life
“Holy Cross has always been a big part of my life, right from the start. My father is a true Crusader. A lot of people will smile and nod when they read that, because they’ve seen it in action. His friends from the Class of 1968 are family. It’s that spirit of camaraderie and loyalty that drew me in. And that same spirit endures today with my peers. There’s a very special bond between Holy Cross alumni. Many of the important people in my life are Crusaders.”

The Working Life
“I am currently senior vice president at JLL, a financial and professional services firm that specializes in commercial real estate services and investment management. I advise companies with workplace strategy and execute real estate transactions on their behalf.”

Holy Cross Memories
“Professors Ward Thomas and Loren Cass of the political science department were engaging and enthusiastic. Professor Shelnutt of the English department was tough and challenging. And Professor Bill Ziobro of the classics department always taught with a smile. I really had some remarkable teachers.”

Why He Stays Connected to Holy Cross
“It’s sentimental. It’s family and friends and the bonds we continue to share. It’s sitting at Fitton Field with family on a perfect Saturday in September, or laughing with classmates about the many ways we passed the time on Mount St. James. Fostering these relationships, and making new ones, is meaningful
and gratifying.”

Why He Believes in Holy Cross
“Holy Cross is special and authentic. The Jesuit values of serving others and thinking critically are vital and timeless. Incorporating those values into the rigorous academic environment makes for a rewarding classroom experience. There is real substance in the academics and people at Holy Cross.”

Why He Gives to Holy Cross
“Holy Cross has given me a lot. It’s incumbent upon the alumni to give back, to help make the student experience today and tomorrow better than it was yesterday. It’s exciting to imagine how the new Luth Athletic Complex will enhance the campus experience. Giving helps the College advance its important mission to impact the student body and the world.”  ■