Spotted on Social Media

In a Facebook web exclusive, Stephen Colbert, comedian and host of “The Late Show,” demonstrated the far reach of the College community, recalling a chance meeting with one of his father’s Holy Cross classmates.

Colbert’s father was the late James “Jim” Colbert ’42, and Colbert happened to meet another member of the Class of 1942 while on a TV shoot at a retirement community in Arizona. When Colbert asked the man if he knew Jim Colbert, he got a surprising response:

“Jim Colbert! Why we double dated to the senior dance,” the man answered. He continued to share that he even knew Colbert’s mother, and that he and Colbert’s father were floor mates as students on Mount St. James. As the conversation continued, this man asked Colbert if he had his father’s yearbook from Holy Cross. When Colbert admitted he did not and that no one in his family did, the man retrieved his yearbook, took out the page featuring Colbert’s father and gave it to him.

• • • • • •

Emma Cronin ’15, who works as the staff assistant for the Climate and Domestic Team in the Presidential Personnel Office, was recently featured on the White House Instagram feed. The post received more than 30,000 “likes” in a span of three days.

Cronin, who has cerebral palsy, shares her inspirational story in the post: “I had a muscle lengthening surgery when I was 12, and I taught myself how to walk again in the six months that followed. Needless to say, my cerebral palsy taught me to never back down from a challenge. Working for President Obama has been the honor of a lifetime,” says Cronin, who is from the Southside of Chicago. “I grew up with President Obama as my senator.”  ■