Member of Inaugural Holy Cross NROTC Unit Attends O’Callahan Society Reunion

Edwin Meyer ’45, a member of the first Naval ROTC unit at the College, attended the O’Callahan Society open house during the 2016 Reunion weekend. Meyer was part of a group of Holy Cross students who completed an accelerated program so that they could serve in the military during WWII.

Meyer’s daughter, Mary Meyer Killburn, told HCM about how her father’s Holy Cross experience changed drastically after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States’ entry into the war:

“He entered Holy Cross in September of 1941 and was accepted into the NROTC. Pearl Harbor was bombed three months later. My dad was doing his NROTC homework, lying on the living room floor of his family’s apartment on Chandler Street, when news of the bombing came over the radio. His parents looked at my dad, knowing instantly that their son would be going to war. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he and his NROTC classmates were immediately put into an accelerated program at Holy Cross. After going to school days, nights, weekends and summers, he graduated and received his commission as an ensign in the United States Navy in February of 1944. He was 20 years old, had a college degree and a commission in the U.S. Navy. Although he left Holy Cross in 1944 to go to war, he is considered a graduate of the class of 1945. His parents accepted his diploma for him while he was away at sea.”  ■