Culinary Roots: The Full Conversation

The conversation between Lynne Curry ’87 and Marc Sheehan ’07 was so rich, we could only give you a taste of it in print. Read the full transcript of their chat—and hear more about what’s on
the menu at Loyal Nine—in this web exclusive.

Hungry For More: Philosophy of Food Reading List

Andrea Borghini shared the books from his food-related philosophy courses with HCM. Peruse the list of titles to explore more about the ethical, social and political implications of food.


Holy Cross Magazine

Volume 50 Number 4


The Bees and Their Keepers

Holy Cross biology majors Anthony Criscitiello ’17 and Mary Patrice Hamilton ’17, concerned about the implications of honeybee decline on food growth and prices, established six honeybee hives where they study the bees and conduct research to better understand this global crisis.

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Food for Change

Access to healthy, nutritious food is a basic human right, and Dave Emond ’96 and Kelly Verel ’97 both work to ensure that this right extends to all populations.

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Culinary Roots

A conversation between Lynne Curry ’87 and Marc Sheehan ’07, two history majors who entered the restaurant industry. Curry is a  food journalist, cookbook author, blogger and former restaurateur, while Sheehan is the chef and owner at the buzzed-about new restaurant in Cambridge, Loyal Nine.

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Gather Round the Table

Vegan produce farmers in New Hampshire. A 100-year-old family farm in Massachusetts. The Jesuits in Ciampi Hall. Three distinct communities, who all share a reverence for food, and mealtime, as a place to create and nurture community.

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The Philosophy of Food

Andrea Borghini, associate professor of philosophy, shares, in a first-person essay, how he came to study food issues and why he teaches students the importance of mindful food consumption and sourcing. Then, Mary Elise McGrail ’16, who participated in Borghini’s “Philosophy of Food” Maymester course in Tuscany, tells us how it changed her approach to mealtime.

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Small Plates

Our alumni work and explore their passions in the food industry in diverse, discerning and delicious ways. “Tapas” are varied and flavorful small plates or dishes, and, much like sampling multiple dishes at a tapas restaurant, we wanted to highlight as many of these alumni as possible. The plates may be small, but their stories are anything but. Savor a taste of their worlds.

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Fighting Zika

As concerns about Zika grip the U.S. and global community, Anthony Fauci, M.D., ’62 and George Savidis ’12 are at the center of efforts to learn more about this disease.

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The Year in Review: 2015-2016

The College had a momentous year in 2015-2016. Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J. reflects on the year and HCM celebrates all our students, faculty and staff have accomplished in the Highlights section.

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