The Berrigans' Philosophies Today

Professor Emeritus David O’Brien explores the relevance of the Berrigans’ social justice stance in today’s Catholic Church.

The Berrigans and Holy Cross (Extended Version)

Read more about the Berrigan brothers in this extended version of Professor Emeritus David O’Brien's feature "The Berrigans and Holy Cross."

1973 Holy Cross Commencement Address by Rev. Daniel Berrigan, S.J

During his address in June 1973, Rev. Daniel Berrigan, S.J. urged graduates of Holy Cross to question the meaning of commencement.

1971 "Berrigan issue" of the Holy Cross Quarterly

Explore the pages of the past with a look back at the "Berrigan issue" of the Holy Cross Quarterly, published in 1971.


Holy Cross Magazine

Volume 50 Number 3


Staging "Hamlet"

The theatre department’s spring production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” set in the present day and in modern dress, explores the anxiety of youth.

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His Brother's Keeper: Broderick Johnson '78

Get to know the graduate who went from The Hill to Capitol Hill—striving to make a difference along the way.

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Catholic Worker Connections

Holy Cross alumni live the mission of Dorothy Day’s movement to help the poor, from serving in Catholic Worker houses across the country to advocating for her sainthood.

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Going the Way of the Dodo

Professor Leon Claessens studies the bird that other scientists—and society in general—have dismissed as “dumb.” And he’s proving them all wrong.

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Be Holy Cross

Alumni CEOs came together for a symposium on “The Value and Relevancy of a Jesuit Education in the 21st Century” on campus in April 2016. The values they discussed, which took them to the height of their careers, are qualities that all alumni carry with them after leaving Holy Cross; values that enable us all to live the mission of men and women for and with others.

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The Berrigans and Holy Cross

In this installment of the series celebrating our 50th volume, we look back at coverage of Rev. Daniel Berrigan, S.J., and Philip Berrigan ’50 in the Holy Cross Quarterly, a predecessor of Holy Cross Magazine. The brothers were well-known peace activists in the 1960s and 1970s and the Holy Cross Quarterly published “the Berrigan issue” in 1971, followed by another issue entirely dedicated to responses from readers about the Berrigans and their activism.

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