Off the Field with Jenna Scanlon '16

Off the Field with Jenna Scanlon '16

Women’s soccer defender Jenna Scanlon ’16 is a leader on and off the field. She was a team captain in 2015 and is also active in the Holy Cross Leadership Academy, which offers lead- ership development programming for student-athletes. A biology major from Auburn, Mass., Scanlon has been named to the Patriot League Academic Honor Roll twice. HCM caught up with her  during her last semester on the Hill.

HOLY CROSS MAGAZINE You are one of three siblings … where do you fall in the lineup? And do you think you follow the stereotype for your spot in the birth order (oldest, youngest or middle  child)?

JENNA SCANLON I have a twin brother, who is an hour older than me, and a sister that is one year younger than me. There’s not really a stereotype for being the younger twin, but it is definitely the position of the "Golden Child!"

HCM Do you have any hidden talents?

SCANLON I have the best handwriting you have probably ever seen. I am also pretty good at drawing and even drew my brother’s tattoo!

HCM Having almost completed your four years on the Hill, what advice do you have for the freshmen who will start next fall in the Class of 2020?

SCANLON Develop good relationships with your professors! Trust me, it definitely helps to have some of the most knowledegable and renowned people in your corner when you realize you need about 10 recommendation letters to apply for jobs.

HCM If you had to pick a song (or movie, TV show, piece of art or famous quote) that sums up your feelings for your Holy Cross experience, what would it be?

SCANLON “Miracle,” the movie about the Olympic Gold Medal-winning 1980 U.S. men’s hockey team.

HCM Can you tell us a little bit about your work as a 360 Leader in the Holy Cross  Leadership Academy?

SCANLON It’s really a great thing to be a part of: Not only do you learn about yourself, but you learn what it truly takes to be a leader. We have a big population of student-athletes here, so it’s nice to hear their perspective about how to handle different adversities that come up on their teams. Everyone gets feedback from their teammates and coaches, so if you are being honest with the process and taking it for all that it’s worth, you will ultimately emerge a better leader, which is a skill that will benefit you both on and off the  field.

HCM Who are your soccer heroes or role models?

SCANLON Zlatan Ibrahimovic—the Swedish superstar.

HCM One of my best days at Holy Cross was when:

SCANLON My sophomore year, the men’s soccer team was in the Patriot League Championship against Navy, but the game was scheduled to be played in Maryland, so not many people from Holy Cross could go. My friends and I felt bad because the soccer boys were some of our best friends and we wanted to support them. The night before the game, we spontaneously decided to  drive down to Annapolis! We took two cars full of people and drove six and a half hours with homemade signs and surprised them during their warm-ups. Unfortunately, they ended up losing the game, but I think they were excited to have a few fans in the stands. To top off the day, on our way back, we made an accidental detour through Times Square while “Don’t Stop Believin’” played on the radio and we were screaming out the window like a bunch of tourists (picture it like a movie scene and that is exactly how it felt). So it wasn’t really a day on the Holy Cross campus, but what other fans would drive all night to the United States Naval Academy to see their school play? It was a day I will absolutely  never forget.

HCM Like most of the College’s student- athletes, you’ve been named to the Patriot League Academic Honor Roll more than once. What is your routine  for staying on top of your academic assignments?

SCANLON Time management, for sure. Balancing classes, playing soccer and having a job definitely limit my free  time, so I am basically forced to take advantage of every free hour I have. I don’t really like the library, but I work at the laundry room in Hogan (which you most likely have never noticed) and it’s the perfect place to read or study, plus I get paid for being there. My advice is do what you can to not procrastinate … there is nothing worse than the feeling you have after pulling an all-nighter.

HCM Here is the dreaded question for all seniors: What are you doing after graduation?

SCANLON My plan is to apply to medical school within the next two years, so for now I am looking for jobs in research at different hospitals. Currently, I am going through the interview process for clinical research coordinator positions.

HCM Imagine it’s your 25-year reunion, and for some strange reason it’s your first time back on campus since Commencement Day 2016. What do you expect to see?

SCANLON An amazing new Hart Center! Since I won’t be around to make use of the new one and our graduation had to be relocated because of the construction, I am hoping it will be the best-looking building on campus. Also, since I’ll be in my mid-40s and probably out of shape, I’m hoping they’ll have figured out a way to make walking up the hills a bit easier, like putting escalators next to every staircase. ■