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The Power of One - Kevin Gilbert '06

Name: Kevin J. Gilbert ’06
Hometown: Ambler, Penn.

Family: wife, Melissa; son, John


What he did at Holy Cross:
“I was involved in Student Programs for Urban Development (SPUD) and was a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee. I also participated in the five- day Spiritual Exercises silent retreat.”

How Holy Cross affected his life:
“By far, the greatest impact that Holy Cross has had on my life has been the friends that I made during my four years. We have been groomsmen in each other’s weddings, roommates after college, and although we are  now spread out across the country, when we get together it is as if nothing has changed.”

The working life:
“My first job out of college was at a software start-up founded by a Holy Cross alumnus. Ten years later, the Holy Cross name continues to hold a great deal of respect in the marketplace. I currently serve as the director of annual giving for the University of Pennsylvania Law School. On the side, I am working toward my MBA in marketing and run a volunteer non- profit organization, All American Day Charitable Trust, with two fellow Holy Cross alumni. I love running into fellow Crusaders through my career and find it important to carry on the legacy of helping out younger generations of alums.”

Holy Cross memories:
“Professors Thomas Martin and Blaise Nagy of the classics department had the rare talent to make ancient Rome and Greece accessible and relevant in the modern world. One of my best memories from Holy Cross was traveling to Italy over spring break with Professor Nagy. ”

Why he stays connected to Holy Cross:
“I have a tremendous amount of pride for having attended Holy Cross. To this day, I closely follow hockey and basketball, and still get excited when I turn the bend on I-290 and see the school sitting on Mount St. James.”

Why he believes in Holy Cross:
“I believe in Holy Cross because now, more than ever, there is a need for the ideals that make up the fabric of the school.  In an increasingly chaotic world, we need more Holy Cross.”

Why he gives to Holy Cross:
“I give to Holy Cross to honor the generations of alumni who gave in the past, so that I could attend.”  ■

Photo by Scott Spitzer