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The Power of One
Name: Mary Carol Madigan ’11 
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
Family: Eldest of four siblings
What she did at Holy Cross
“I was the coxswain on the men’s rowing team—the small girl with the big voice that steers and helps motivate a boat full of guys—a tutor through SPUD, an RA in Hanselman and the Head RA of Clark. I also studied abroad my junior year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.”
How Holy Cross affected her life
“Holy Cross introduced me to new ways of thinking, to exciting people and different perspectives. Being able to spend an entire year abroad, an experience I wouldn’t have had but for Holy Cross, pushed those horizons to include a global perspective.”
Current pursuit
“After a few years working in new product development for a large health insurer, I am back at school pursuing my MBA at the University of Notre Dame. I chose Notre Dame because the MBA program offered the same tight-knit and supportive community that I valued at Holy Cross and specifically sought when looking at business schools.” Madigan is pictured at work on campus at Notre Dame.
Holy Cross memories
“As the only female on the men’s rowing team there are too many to list. Being on the team earned me the nickname, Mad Dog (a play on my last name). I even had professors catch on and call me Mad Dog in class—special shout out to Professor Ward Thomas. Outside of rowing though, I’d say the times my friends and I went on adventures in Worcester with the intent of getting lost, finding hidden gems and developing a list of favorites, like the Corner Grille for pizza, made for some of the best memories that I have.” 
Why she stays connected to Holy Cross
“I made lifelong friends on the Hill and staying involved with the College as the class chair for the Class of 2011 helps me keep that spirit alive within my class.”
Why she believes in Holy Cross
“As a purely undergraduate institution, Holy Cross gives students exclusive access to excellent professors and a rich campus community. Student involvement in athletics, community service and the numerous on-campus activities makes the Crusader community a force to be reckoned with. I didn’t realize how unique my time at Holy Cross was until after graduation.”
Why she gives to Holy Cross
“I saw what an impact the alumni of men’s rowing had on our team, and how their generosity supported our program. I give so others can have the same kinds of valuable life experiences that I had and take part in the great offerings at Holy Cross.”  ■