Letters to the Editor

Kind Words

Thank you for all of your excellent work on Holy Cross Magazine—it’s an impressive and important publication and you all do a wonderful job 

with it.  ■

Giovanni R. D’Amico ’10

Branford, Conn.


It Was Me!

Greatly enjoyed the essay by my classmate, Joe Arnstein, in the Fall 2015 issue (“How I Caused the Blackout of 1965,” Page 74); but I always assumed that I, not Joe, had caused the blackout, using the (of course not permitted) electric frying pan and hot plate to cook canned corn beef hash and beans in my Clark room. Kimball food had gotten old by senior year!

I also recall the underclassman, a very tall basketball player who was mysteriously lodged with us seniors, who later that evening tried to celebrate the blackout by throwing a lighted firecracker through the men’s room window, forgetting that it was screened.  ■

Paul Spagnoli ’66

Chestnut Hill, Mass.



Am I the only one to squint skeptically at the caption on the whiskey bottle and tobacco tin on Page 88 of the Fall 2015 issue (“Smoke Break,” Artifact) and wonder if the editors might be misdirecting guilt from the worthy Catholic lads of 1923-24 onto some worthy Catholic (stalwart, hard-working, sober, thrifty, breadwinning) steamfitter who assured their warmth at worship? In the roaring ’20s?  Erantne juvenes angelici? Dubito quin.  ■

Rev. William J. O’Malley, S.J., ’53

Bronx, N.Y.


Well, you might be right, Father! Who knows what fellow stashed those items in the Chapel. We conjectured a workman because the items were revealed as today’s work crew unbolted an air duct behind the altar. And we thought even the most brazen student in 1923-24 would quake at the idea of being caught with his smokes and booze that close to the altar. 


Love in Action

I congratulate writer Debra Steilen on “Love Is the Answer” (Page 52, Fall 2015) and commend alma mater for offering select students an opportunity to experience Jesuit principles in action by becoming intimately familiar with the lives and livelihoods of families in developing countries such as Guatemala. 

Having had the privilege of working in Guatemala for 10 years with Catholic Relief Services and the U.N. peace-building mission, MINUGUA, in support of community development, human rights and post-conflict institutional strengthening, I can appreciate what the group learned during their short stay. While they went to demonstrate solidarity with their Guatemalan hosts, their most valuable lessons may have been the importance of accepting hospitality from those less fortunate than oneself, the role that such acceptance plays in promoting human development and a willingness to listen and learn with humility. 

I’m also confident that they came away with an appreciation of the challenges facing non-profit development institutions (especially local ones), and how they deal with them. Truly, they experienced caritas (love) in action. I hope that some will be moved to make international development and humanitarian affairs their career choice.  ■

John Wiater ’75

Chula Vista, Calif.


Class of 1943 Photo

I enjoyed the article about George Merritt ’43 (“Serving with Grace,” Page 28, Summer 2015). The photo on Page 32 (right) with Mr. Merritt and four of his classmates was taken during school year 1940-41. I am able to identify all students in the photo: From left to right, they are Ned Hennessey ’43, George Calvelli, M.D. ’43, George Merritt, Tom Riedy Jr., M.D. ’43 and Bob Ring, D.S.D. ’43.

My dad is George Calvelli.  ■

Judanne Calvelli ’84

Albuquerque, N.M. 



Holy Cross alumni meet in Phnom Penh
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission to Cambodia launched the Family Care First Cambodia (FCFC) initiative this fall. FCFC is designed to keep Cambodian families together as well as find permanent family care for those Cambodian children who do not have families. USAID/Cambodia Deputy Mission Director Sean E. Callahan ’89, (center) and USAID/Cambodia Director of the Office of Public Health and Education Sheri-Nouane (Johnson) Duncan-Jones ’91 (left), welcomed Kathleen (Keating) Strottman ’94, executive director of the Global Alliance of Children (right), to Phnom Penh for the kickoff event in November. Callahan noted that for this mini-reunion of Crusaders in Cambodia, he borrowed this petite Holy Cross banner from his 8-year-old daughter’s bedroom wall. 






In the Fall 2015 issue, we included “John P. Leddy ’61” on the List of Recent Deaths (Page 85). The name should be “Joseph P. Leddy, M.D. ’61.” Dr. Leddy’s cousin, Joseph E. (Jay) Devine ’73 alerted us to the error, sharing that Joseph Leddy (right, from the 1961 Purple Patcher) had a distinguished career as an orthopedic surgeon, and with his wife and lifelong friend Mary Jo, “left behind a magnificent and loving family. He was very proud of his Holy Cross roots. Indeed, I admired Joe so much that it influenced my own thinking significantly about attending Holy Cross.” We apologize for the error
and offer the Leddy family
our condolences.  ■



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