Editor's Note

Celebrating a Magazine Milestone

The Winter 2016 issue of Holy Cross Magazine marks its 50th volume. Volume 1, Number 1 was mailed to readers in September 1967, when the alumni publication was a newspaper called Crossroads. The plan at that time was to publish Crossroads monthly from September to June as a companion to the more features-driven Holy Cross Quarterly. These twin alumni publications, the “parents” of today’s magazine, continued in varying frequencies until the early 1990s, when then-editor Jack O’Connell ’81 ushered in the current format of Holy Cross Magazine. (By the way, one of the front-page stories of that very first issue encouraged readers to come back to campus for Homecoming ’67 and take a tour of the newly opened Hogan Campus Center, “tap tootsies” at the post-game band concert and “sup at the new campus center cafeteria.”)

Reaching the 50th volume milestone reminded me of all the interesting people and projects HCM has featured through the years. And, being a fan of “Where Are They Now?” stories myself, I thought we could update you on a story from our Magazine’s past in each issue of this 50th volume year. We kick off that series with public health expert Elizabeth Sheehan ’82 and her organization, Care 2 Communities (C2C). When we first wrote about C2C in the Winter 2011 issue, her nonprofit group—which converts metal shipping containers into medical clinics that can then be used in the developing world—was beginning its work in Haiti. Today, C2C has expanded its reach in Haiti and elsewhere in the world, bringing low-cost, high-quality health care to people for whom a doctor’s visit was once an out-of-reach luxury. 

Because celebrating our 50th volume also means looking forward, we’ve paired the update on C2C with a story of Caroline Tibbitts ’17, who, like Sheehan, felt compelled to be with the people of Haiti and share her gifts. Read about these two Holy Cross women starting on Page 90.

This issue is packed (and I really mean packed … at 128 pages this is the largest issue of Holy Cross Magazine ever published!) with stories of alumni living the Holy Cross mission, of students taking risks in new experiences and of faculty members offering top-flight scholarship in their fields of study. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about the five 2015 Sanctae Crucis honorees (Page 54) and a feature about how the campus community responded to—and continues to be inspired by—Pope Francis’ historic visit to the United States this fall. 

The cover feature brings you a look at the inner workings of the Holy Cross admissions office (Page 34). Director of Admissions Ann McDermott allowed HCM writer Katharine Whittemore to shadow her team for a full year as they went about the important work of finding students who could reach their greatest potential here on the Hill. 

I think it’s a safe bet to say that any alumnus or alumna reading this magazine has spent his or her fair share of time in Kimball Hall—and some of you have worked in that hallowed hall as well. On Page 78, you will find a love letter of sorts to the building that has been the heart of campus life on Mount St. James for decades, written by former Kimball Captains Kimberly Staley ’99 and Rebecca Smith ’99. 

Many of you commented on how much you liked the photo of autumn leaves in the Fall issue that opened the Campus Notebook section. Designer Stephen Albano and Photographer Tom Rettig have created another seasonal photo spread for you (and you’ll see it when you turn the page). Special thanks to biology Professor Robert Bertin, who walks the campus with Stephen and Tom, providing proper plant identifications.

And finally, I am very pleased to announce that Maura Sullivan Hill (righthas joined the Holy Cross Magazine team as our new assistant editor. Maura, a 2011 graduate of Notre Dame, comes to us with a wealth of education and editorial experience, having worked at Ursuline Academy in Dedham, Mass., and Suffolk University in Boston. You’ll be seeing Maura’s work throughout this issue, and we could not be more excited that she is on board as we start the new year.  ■ 

All the best from Mount St. James,


Suzanne Morrissey, editor