Letters to the Editor

Three Cheers

Seeing one of my favorite Holy Cross professors on the cover of the Summer 2014 issue was such a wonderful surprise! While my undying love for the Holy Cross English department is widely known, it is Professor Leah Hager Cohen’s Memoir and the Psyche class that proved to be my favorite in my four years at the College. It was a class that not only pushed me as a writer and student, but, to quote everyone’s favorite class evaluation forms, it also “increased my capacity to think” dramatically. 

During the final meeting of Memoir and the Psyche in December of my senior year, Professor Cohen asked us to complete a “Marcel Proust Survey” and address an envelope to ourselves. One year later an envelope arrived at my parents’ house in Michigan. “It’s addressed to you in your handwriting,” my mom  said. At the height of my missing Holy Cross my first year out of school, I found comfort in this single loose-leaf piece of paper on which I had written my “Proust Survey,” bringing me back to the three hours on Thursdays spent around a table in Fenwick with some of the most gifted and honest classmates of all time. 

Professor Cohen also took time out of her own day that semester to help me edit my Senior Convocation piece. She had thanked me for sharing it with her and asking her to help, but really it was she who deserved all the thanks as she continued to challenge me as a writer and a person. 

While there is no doubt the English department at Holy Cross is filled with numerous talented and caring professors, it was wonderful to see one of the best highlighted on the cover of the alumni magazine.  Three cheers for L.H.C. and the English department! 

Amy Martin ’11
Kennesaw, Ga.


Content Driven

Holy Cross Magazine gets better and better! So alive and content driven—and it exudes the Holy Cross brand. We just launched our inaugural magazine at St. Mary’s High School in Lynn, Mass., where I serve as the head of school, and we looked at a number of publications. Your storied approach with a call to action is the approach we agreed on. Kudos to you and your team for honoring and stewarding your alumni, parents, friends and College leaders. 

Grace Cotter Regan
Lynn, Mass. 

Editor's Note 

Our team always appreciates kind words from our colleagues in education. Grace Cotter Regan’s 26 years in Catholic education, branding, communications and advancement includes her time in the Holy Cross Advancement Office from 1996 to 1999 and seven years with the New England Province of the Society of Jesus. 


Praise for Summer

I am a member of the Class of 1962 and have been an eager reader of Holy Cross Magazine for a long time. 

I enjoyed the latest issue, Summer 2014, especially the article on Leah Hager Cohen (“The Writing Life,” Page 18). I am a retired professor of English and have heard of this young writer but not yet read from her work, but I am determined now to read several. The students who hear her in class must feel privileged indeed. I was also touched by the obituary of Justin Kaplan, whose books on American writers I have enjoyed and learned from over the years, and was happy to see the College bring him to the campus back in 1992. 

Paul R. Lilly Jr. ’62
Oneonta, N.Y. 


Congratulations, Professor

As a Ukrainian-American, I was very glad to see that Professor John Panteleimon Manoussakis earned tenure at Holy Cross (“Tenured,” Spring 2014, Page 6). I believe that it is very beneficial to students to have the continued experience of an eastern European scholar. I think that this is an area that could use more emphasis at Holy Cross. Thank you for the excellent work you are doing with the Magazine.

Bob Pipchick ’62 P96
Cranford, N.J.

Editor’s Note 
Thank you, Mr. Pipchick. You may be interested in our Fall issue Web Exclusives at magazine.holycross.edu. There, you’ll find an opinion piece from Thomas F. Hogan ’67, who, with his wife, Judith, was stationed in Ukraine with the Peace Corps from 2003 to 2005. 



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