Exploring the New Look for Holy Cross

The Holy Cross community—both on campus and among the wider worlds of alumni and families of current students—has undoubtedly noticed the new look added to the stories told about Holy Cross on the website, in publications (including HCM!) and other media. The changes have brought about some questions. We thought we’d share the answers to four of them.  


1.  Why the need for a new look?

Our graduates and members of our campus community are justifiably proud of the distinctive Holy Cross story. To be heard and appreciated by even more people, we must raise our profile and increase name recognition. People less familiar with life and learning at Holy Cross need to hear our story with more clarity and consistency. With so many messages, communication devices and media channels competing for time and attention, it is critical that Holy Cross has the tools and the language to “break through the clutter” to communicate effectively our values and offerings. A strong visual identity and consistent expression of our distinction will provide the unifying elements needed for a story that resonates in the marketplace.  

After research insights and strategic goals were analyzed, the College determined to keep visual elements rooted in tradition and our Catholic and Jesuit identity—yet update them to spark new attention among audiences across the country and around the world.


2.  What was wrong with the old look?

Nothing was “wrong,” but we knew that referring to our college simply as “Holy Cross” can create confusion outside our immediate community. Without our full name, Holy Cross is confused with other schools, hospitals and other organizations. Creating a logo that includes our full name helps distinguish us from other similarly named institutions.


3.  What is happening with the seal?  

The seal will continue to be used proudly on formal materials, including diplomas, presidential reports and signage. The new shield logo will replace the previous text-only logo and will be used on the website, admissions materials and marketing materials.


4.  Where did the shield come from? 

A range of symbols was considered for the new logo. The strength and symmetry of  the shield and sunburst (frequently used as an emblem of the Society of Jesus) created a distinct design for use across a wide range of online and print materials, while forming a connection with the traditional seal and our Catholic, Jesuit heritage. And the simplicity of the design allows it to be recognized even when viewed in small formats, such as mobile devices.   ■