Class of 1900 Portraits

When a dusty old box stuck in an attic for decades turned out to be a treasure trove of archival portraits from the Class of 1900, you just know we had to take a look. Read writer John Gearan's Flashback story for the whole scoop on how the mystery unraveled, but click below to see the Class of 1900 in all their handsome, stiff-collared glory. Why are these photographs such an amazing find? The Class of 1900 did not have a yearbook—the tradition as the 19th century ended was to have individual portraits taken of all the class members, who would then exchange the photos with messages written on the backs to their chums. Finding a complete set gives us a look at a class of young men we may not have never gotten to see. [A note from HCM designer Stephen Albano about these images:  The photos have "shadow" impressions that were left on their backs after sitting in a stack for so long. You'll see them, almost like a soft-focus background, on each photo's handwritten inscription.]  And now, please meet some of the gentlemen of the Class of 1900 (we're working on getting them all posted soon!):