Students’ Thanks

Philanthropy Day celebrates the Holy Cross tradition of donor generosity and the impact it has on students. This year, students had an opportunity to write thank you notes to donors, sharing the parts of their Holy Cross experience that they are most grateful for. The notes of gratitude were placed on windows in the Hogan Campus Center to spell out “thank you.” Sentiments ranged from “my awesome professors” and “the amazing chaplains” to “I’m grateful for SPUD,” “HC Football” and “for the incredible Chinese program.”

“Every student benefits from the philanthropy of alumni, parents and friends,” says Michael DeCristofaro, who leads the program through the Fund Office. “All parts of the student experience are funded in part by their generosity—from the beauty of campus to the state-of-the-art science facilities; from financial aid and scholarships to summer internships; from the arts to athletics programs. All aspects of life on campus are enhanced by the generosity of others.”  ■