Holy Cross on “NBC Nightly News”

On May 6, Holy Cross and the Working for Worcester project took a place in the national spotlight as “NBC Nightly News” with Brian Williams showcased the city-wide project, which raised more than $100,000 and renovated 20 community recreation sites in the city.

The “Making a Difference” segment featured Jeffrey Reppucci ’14, a Russian major and a member of the men’s varsity hockey team, who studied abroad in Russia as a second-year student. Reppucci told NBC’s Ron Mott he was visiting the village of Suzdal, Russia, when he was struck by the poor conditions at a local school and the lack of play spaces for children. “I had to find a way to help,” he said.

Reppucci returned to Holy Cross and recruited his roommate and teammate, Derek Kump ’14. Together, the two started a nonprofit organization, Students Helping Children Across Borders, in their dorm room. After fundraising, Reppucci returned to Suzdal and, working with the community, built a playground at the school. “It just was a completely life-changing experience for me, a pivotal moment,” he said in the segment.

“Once back home, Reppucci decided his success in Suzdal could be used to help transform neighborhoods around Worcester—and a project called Working for Worcester was born,” Mott reported. “The group brought together students of all ages at Holy Cross and neighboring colleges to focus on recreational spaces stateside, building playgrounds, basketball courts and dance studios for youth in their community. This year, more than 700 college students from 10 schools participated.”

Reppucci, who delivered the Class of 2014 valedictory address, was recently awarded the prestigious BNY Mellon Wealth Management Hockey Humanitarian Award and a Fulbright Teaching Award.  ■

Watch the NBC segment at holycross.edu/hcm/nbc