Stay Tuned for a New Look, a New Voice

HCM is pleased to share this memo to readers from Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Ellen Ryder regarding exciting changes on the horizon for Holy Cross.


“There can be few institutions of higher learning where more people, programs, and resources are dedicated to sustaining and improving a clearly articulated and widely ‘lived’ mission.”


That’s just one of the ways Holy Cross impressed the accreditation external review team in the fall of 2010. The team’s report not only granted a continuation of the College’s 10-year accreditation, but also confirmed what we know: Holy Cross lives and breathes in the hearts of those that have experienced it. 

What was true four years ago is true today. And tomorrow.

We are very proud of our Jesuit and Catholic identity, our openness to diverse points of view and experiences, our long history and traditions, and our reputation as a highly selective liberal arts institution dedicated to undergraduate education. 

We are also proud of our distinctive story. Holy Cross students thrive on rigorous academics and myriad opportunities to collaborate with faculty. Campus life is fueled by diverse activities. Division 1 athletics set us apart. Students learn that time spent reflecting and questioning is essential. Our graduates are prepared for successful and meaningful futures, and understand the importance of standing with and learning from others. Our committed and engaged alumni take on leadership roles in every aspect of life.

We want to be equally certain that we tell our story in the most compelling way—and to be heard and appreciated by more people across the country and around the world. We want to be sure we convey the passion you have for Holy Cross to audiences less familiar with life and learning on Mount St. James. 

That’s why we conducted extensive research last year (thanks to so many of you who participated in focus groups and the online survey) and why we have partnered with creative firms to help us speak with a strong, clear voice in our various publications and digital channels.

As the 2014-15 academic year begins in August, you will see a new look to the College website. Admissions materials for prospective students will be redesigned. Other College publications, including Holy Cross Magazine, will also take on a new appearance throughout the coming year. 

In addition to the new look, you will hear a very clear message about Holy Cross and what we offer to our students, our community and our world. 

We hope you’ll like what you see … and what you hear.  ■