A Conversation with Author Stephanie Reents

In her first novel, The Kissing List, Assistant Professor of English Stephanie Reents tells the emotional and often humorous tale of a group of recent college grads as they navigate into adulthood. Here, our Book Notes conversation with Reents continues as she describes how the novel took shape, her mother's reaction to her work and how she connects with her students through writing.

Advent Reflections

At the annual Festival of Lessons and Carols, members of the community are invited to take the evening's program, which ends with resources for advent prayer and reflection. In case you could not attend this year, we've placed those resources in our Web Exclusives.



Holy Cross Magazine

Volume 47 Number 1


Lessons & Carols

Holy Cross Magazine takes a close look at one of the College's best-loved Christmastime traditions: the joyous Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols.

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The Music Makers

Meet three talented alumni who have chosen a creative path many only dream about: They make music, and want to make it in the music business.

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Hurricane Sandy: Devastation + Recovery

This fall, Holy Cross and its East Coast alumni braced for the superstorm. Now, we support each other as we deal with grief and the difficult recovery.

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