Editor's Note

Hoping to Hear from You

I have never been so nervous to introduce a new issue of a magazine in my life.

Why? Because I know how important Holy Cross and its history are to you. And because you don’t hesitate to let our team know when you’ve enjoyed a feature, when there’s a great story waiting to be told or when we’ve missed a step (I’m looking at you, Class of 1954!), I expect a flood of responses to this issue’s cover feature: “Top 25 Moments in Holy Cross History.”

So let me rephrase the first sentence of this note: I have never been so excited to introduce a new issue of a magazine in my life. Any nerves we have as this magazine goes to press simply stem from the fact that a story like “Top 25 Moments” reminds us how many important milestones this College has achieved—and how much we hope our list does those moments justice.

Our process started, as one would expect, with history professor Rev. Anthony Kuzniewski, S.J., who authored Thy Honored Name, a history of Holy Cross from its foundation to 1994. As we discussed the moments that should be included—those that have shaped our beloved institution, changed its course or brought it great honor—the task of selecting only 25 items seemed more than a bit daunting. We decided to put the top sports moments of the College on a separate list, asking “Give Another Hoiah” columnist John Gearan ’65 to tackle that job. But even with athletics off our plate, noble and notable moments had to hit the cutting room floor. After weeks of drafts, the lists (as I mentioned above, there is one list for the top moments in general College history and another for the top sports moments) took their final shape. We believe the lists, though they are not all-inclusive and quite unofficial, are a solid representation of the milestones in Holy Cross history.

Certainly there will be disagreement out there about what made it and what didn’t—we eagerly await your comments on that. We also hope you will share some of the personal “top moments” that made your Holy Cross years meaningful and memorable. For example, a Class of 1965 alumnus (I’ll call him “Dad”) has already told me about one such personal top moment: the day the library converted to open stacks.

After you’ve read the lists, visit holycross.edu/hcm/top. There, you can cast your vote for “Top Moment in Holy Cross History” and “Top Moment in Holy Cross Sports History.” The results will be revealed in the Summer issue, along with your thoughts on what we got right and what we may have missed.

As always, we invite you to call, write or email your thoughts on the issue. Looking forward to seeing some of you at reunion.

Suzanne Morrissey


Special Note: SAVE THE DATE Friday, Sept. 14, 2012, for the Inauguration of the 32nd President of the College of the Holy Cross Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J. Event details to come.

P.S. Thank you for the excited response to the new “Required Reading” feature, part of the Alumni News section. In the third installment, Philosophy Professor Predrag Cicovacki explains why delving into Fyodor Dostoevsky’s classic The Brothers Karamazov is well worth it. He would know: Nalin Ranasinghe, author of The Soul of Socrates and Socrates in the Underworld, described Cicovacki’s new book, Dostoevsky and the Affirmation of Life (Transaction Publishers, March 2012), as “Quite possibly the best single volume written in English on the greatest writer of the 19th century.”