Letters to the Editor

Good Use of Space

Having just received and read the new issue of Holy Cross Magazine, I write to offer my congratulations on a dramatically improved production. In particular, I enjoyed the prominent placement and space given to profiles of the four recipients of the Sanctae Crucis awards and the informative profiles of the faculty members who earned tenure. Even though I do not know any of these faculty or awardees personally, I feel like I know something meaningful about them now. 

The overall format and appearance of the magazine continues to improve. Congratulations ... keep up the good work.                                  

Bill McGovern '74

Lafayette, N.J.


Actions & Values

In the August issue of Christianity Today magazine, editor-in-chief David Neff writes an article entitled "Signs of the End Times." In this article he describes eschaton as the "outcome" of the redeemed world moving toward ultimate reconciliation, restoration and harmony with God. He cites the example of the story of Zacchaeus when Jesus announced that "this day salvation had come to Zacchaeus's house." He points out that Zacchaeus had not earned salvation by his good works, but rather that his actions demonstrated that the kingdom and its values had entered this particular place and household.

I had a similar feeling when I read the Summer 2011 edition of Holy Cross Magazine - that the kingdom and its values had entered this place. I was struck by the Christ-like sacrificial nature of the Sanctae Crucis recipients who were not boasting of their achievements, but were giving glory to God for what He was doing in and through them when they said, "Here I am Lord, send me."

I was also struck by the celebratory nature of the tenured faculty members who seemed to share in the excitement of the eschaton by practicing the loving presence of Christ as a primary ingredient for teaching and sharing the excitement for what God has done, is doing and will do in Christ.

Thank you for celebrating the kingdom's values through this magazine and for stirring aging alumni like myself to new spiritual excitement.

Rev. Ralph Donohue '63

Chaplain, Sumter County Detention Center

Bushnell, Fla.


A Special Memory

On Sept. 11, 2001, the Holy Cross family lost seven of its shining stars: Edward A. Brennan III '86, Thomas D. Burke '85, Neilie Heffernan Casey '90, John G. Farrell '91, Todd A. Isaac '94, Beth A. Quigley '97 and John J. Ryan '78.

On June 23, 2002, the Holy Cross Alumni Swimmers honored their memory by swimming in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. Bob Somma '66, Len Conti '60, Michele Intermont '89, Pat Dietz '66, Frank Bongiorno '65 and I each wore one of their names on our swim caps as we stroked and kicked our way up the East River, through the Harlem River, past Spuyten Duyvil and down the Hudson River to a harbor just past the site of the World Trade Center. Len and I were on the rear deck of the escort boat at that moment, and we each gave a salute to those on our respective swim caps, Len to John Farrell and I to Neilie Heffernan Casey and Todd Isaac.

Bob swam in memory of Ed Brennan, Michele for Tom Burke, Pat for Beth Quigley and Frank for John Ryan. At Frank's suggestion, when the race was over, we each sent our swim caps to the families of those we represented.

It was an experience few athletes on earth could have had. I think that I speak for all of us when I say that we were both humbled and honored to have such a rare opportunity.

Requiescat in pace.

Michael J. Toner '63

South Setauket, N.Y.



In the Summer issue's Calendar of Events (Page 13), we reported that the Ninth Annual Summer Passport Program for the Class of 2015, which took place in August, was funded by a grant from The Goizueta Foundation. In fact, though generous support from the Goizueta Foundation funded the first three years of the program, Holy Cross has supported it financially since 2006-07. To learn more about this innovative program, designed to help selected first-year students acclimate to the academic rigors of the College, visit the Academic Services and Learning Resources website at http://academics.holycross.edu/aslr/

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