The Q&A Continues with Author Nancy Lusignan Schultz ’78

Learn more about the new non-fiction book by Nancy Lusignan Schultz '78, and the hurdles and joys she experienced in the decade-long research into a 19th-century laywoman's miracle cure.

Newly Tenured Faculty: What Others Say…

While researching the Summer 2011 feature story on Faculty Excellence at Holy Cross, we asked a few colleagues of the newly tenured faculty to comment on their compatriots' classroom prowess.


Student Essays: A New View of History

Some Holy Cross history students were asked to interview an older friend or family member to gain insight about our changing world. Read about the experience in their own words.



Holy Cross Magazine

Volume 45 Number 3


The 2011 Sanctae Crucis Awards

With its name taken from  the Latin for "Holy Cross," the Sanctae Crucis Award is the highest non-degree honor the College bestows on alumni who live by rigorous intellectual and ethical standards and who are devoted to the service of faith and promotion of justice. This year's four Sanctae Crucis recipients represent the diverse ways Holy Cross graduates discern their paths, and come from the Classes of 1999, 1989, 1981 and 1964. Meet them here in our special cover feature. (And be ready to be inspired.)

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The Chapel’s Unique Guest

It was a first: A modern art sculpture installed in the traditional Italian Renaissance-style (read: very "un-modern") sanctuary of St. Joseph Memorial Chapel. See and learn more about "Curalium," and why modern art has an important role in our sacred spaces.

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Teachers & Scholars

Meet the College's most recently tenured professors. High achievers in their fields of study, they inspire students to reach new heights in their own scholarly pursuits. How? A fundamental love of teaching. They are eight more reasons the academic experience at Holy Cross stands out.

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