New Dishes Meet Vegans’ Wishes

As the spring semester started, Holy Cross Dining announced new vegetarian and vegan meal choices at Kimball Hall. "The expansion of vegan meal options on campus is a great improvement," says Catherine Flynn '12, from Queens, N.Y., who has been following a vegan lifestyle for a little more than a year. "Now there is a variety of options in Upper Kimball, such as the soba noodles and tempeh add-ins at stir-fry, and the vegan 'chicken' patties at the Grill."

In Lower Kimball, students can now find vegan meal deals at every food station-great for a sit-down nosh or "to grab on the go," according to Flynn, who adds that she has noticed a few carnivores sampling the new fare. "It's nice to see everyone enjoying these new meals! Vegan options can prove to be appealing to a wide audience, such as the health and environmentally conscious, or someone just looking to try something new."                                                            

By Claire Moynahan '11