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South High Grad
Our Q&A with Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer Bill Durgin, who retired this year after more than two decades of service to the College, sparked a tongue-in-cheek comment from William Hynes ’60, who was one of Durgin’s high school teachers:
When the College Trustee interrogators asked Bill Durgin in his initial interview what does “a young six-gun slinger like you from a big university … want with a little school in Worcester?” Durgin could have answered that he was born and raised there and is a proud graduate of Worcester’s South High, class of 1968, where he was also a six-gun slinger.
 William B. Hynes ’60
 Holden, Mass.

Art Appreciation
When I saw the picture on Page 32 of Holy Cross Magazine (Fall 2010), I immediately recognized Peter (Pete) Antanavicius ’55. He is seated in the center of the photo, wearing a dark jacket and drawing with his left hand. He and I were friends at Holy Cross despite different majors, and the fact that he lived in Worcester and commuted. I also thought that the artist in the foreground could be William (Bill) Riordan ’55. To confirm this, I scanned the picture he was working on at a high resolution. Indeed, it was published in the 1955 Purple Patcher as were others by Bill and Pete. (Bill was editor and Pete assistant editor in the art section of the editorial staff.) I always thought that their art work in the yearbook was exceptional.
 T.A. Hughes, PhD ’55
 Arroyo Grande, Calif.

Editor’s Note: We’ve posted more of Antanavicius’ and Riordan’s intricate pen-and-ink drawings from the 1955 Purple Patcher in this issue’s exclusive online content at holycross.edu/magazine.


In the Fall 2010 cover feature, “Expanding Vision,” we referred to Meg Maggio ’82 having a “short-lived” career in international law before embarking into the art field. In fact, Maggio enjoyed a substantial 12-year career in well-known firms, including Skadden Arps and Cameron McKenna, among others. Additionally, Maggio’s two career pursuits have overlapped in a positive way: “My legal experience in cross-border art-related matters has come in extremely handy in my work as a gallerist,” she shared with us recently.

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