Personal Stories from Haiti

Wesley Laîné ’10 and Michael G. Hughes, M.D., ’84 shared candid observations about their recent travels to Haiti.

On the Record with Bill Durgin

After 26 years at Holy Cross, Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer William “Bill” Durgin will retire at the end of 2010.

Bravery Remembered

Thomas Kelley ’60 and the late Holy Cross professor Rev. Joseph T. O’Callahan, S.J., are two of the College’s three Medal of Honor recipients.

Visual Arts Inspirations

Among the visual arts faculty are working artists and art historians who infuse their teaching with the passion, hurdles and joys of their own work. We asked these professors to answer one question, “What inspires you?”

The Profile Q&A

Holy Cross Magazine featured nationally recognized high school math teacher Dan Kennedy ’68 in the Winter 2011 issue’s Profile story.

Artists Among Us

Pen and ink artists from the Class of 1955 added their talents to the Purple Patcher that year…see their amazing work in an exclusive Holy Cross Magazine image gallery.

On the cover

Portraying the strength of the visual arts at Holy Cross, this issue’s cover shows an array of images that represent the scholarship, diversity and creativity of the department. Learn more about the artists and inspirations behind these cover images.

Tell Your Story

Are you a Holy Cross graduate with a military background? Please help us collect the stories of Holy Cross alumni service personnel.

A Valedictorian’s New Address

Jon Favreau spoke to hundreds on his Commencement Day in 2003. Now his words reach billions. Read his entire Valedictory speech.

The Play’s the Thing

See the cast photos from the Holy Cross Dramatic Society’s 1940 production of L’Aiglon.


Holy Cross Magazine

Volume 45 Number 1


Haiti's Struggle

Holy Cross alumni are among those who came to Haiti’s aid when the ground shook and hundreds of thousands were thrown into chaos. Today, almost one year after the quake, men and women from the Hill are standing in solidarity with a devastated country.

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Rink Master

Frank Carroll ’60 keeps the world’s best skaters on their toe picks as he coaches them to greatness.

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