The Profile

Molly Taylor Jolly ’88

By Benjamin Gleisser

There’s no glass ceiling in baseball, says Molly Taylor Jolly ’88, vice president of finance and administration for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and one of the highest-ranking women in the Major Leagues.

“There’s plenty of opportunity here,” she says with a smile. “I saw more ‘female vs. male’ stuff when I was starting my career in the oil industry, which is a lot more male-dominated than the sports industry.”

After receiving her degree in economics/accounting from Holy Cross, Molly Taylor joined the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) and spent six years in Anchorage, Alaska, as an inventory accountant and financial analyst. The position put her in close contact with one of her great loves, nature. Anchorage is a 15-minute drive to snow-capped mountains for skiing and an hour’s hike to thousands-year-old glaciers.

And, serving as the volunteer treasurer of the nonprofit Anchorage Women’s Hockey League, she connected to another love: sports management.

After transferring to ARCO Corporate in Los Angeles, she earned her master’s degree in business administration from UCLA and zealously networked with people in sports. In 2000, an organization that owned both the Angels and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, a National Hockey League team, hired her as director of finance. Three years later, she was promoted to her present position.

With the Angels, Jolly oversees a $120 million player payroll and other financial matters, including stadium maintenance, human resources for more than 1,600 employees and purchasing the bobblehead dolls given away to fans.
Jolly says her decision to attend Holy Cross—which she credits to “divine inspiration and a local recruiter who loved HC”—was a “huge help to my career.”

“I went there to learn business, but I learned so much more,” she explains. “I appreciate the way teachers made me challenge my thinking. By stressing a diversity of disciplines, they taught me to be confident and successful. So no matter what kind of problem I face today, I know I can figure something out.”

According to Jolly, the Hill also taught her the importance of community activism and helping others, which is why she is the projects director of the Junior League of Orange County, a group that promotes volunteerism—and is dedicated to developing the potential of women.

In addition, baseball introduced her to the biggest love of her life: husband Burt Jolly, a lifelong Angels fan whom she met in the stands during a home game. They chatted all night, and, as the game went into extra innings, she felt her heart going, going, gone!

But surely she knew that marrying the fellow meant she’d be Molly Jolly?

“Everyone in our media department said, ‘You can never marry that man!’” she recalls, laughing. “But all my friends love my name, and love to shout loudly: ‘Hi, Molly Jolly!’”


What is your favorite sports movie?

Rocky, because it shows someone’s passion and perseverance to achieve something that no one thought was possible.

What is your motto?
I have two. “Everyone has talent and something positive to contribute,” because I have a can-do attitude. And “There’s no crying in baseball!” Although I almost did break into tears [in 2007] when we lost to Boston in the American League Division Series on a failed suicide squeeze play. Moments before that, my husband and I thought we were going to win.

You were a cheerleader at Holy Cross. What was your favorite sport to cheer?
Basketball, because of the fast pace of the game. But I also liked football, because tailgating was fun.

Have you ever taken batting practice?

Nope. (Sigh.) At one of our homestands, I brought a friend who was a former baseball player down for batting practice. As I watched him hit some balls, I thought, “Hey, I’d like to do this, too!” But no one asked me. We do have employee softball teams though, and we get to play our games on the field.

Some ballplayers have superstitions. Do you have any superstitions?
As long as I have my calculator and some batteries, I’m good.


Birthplace: Atlanta; raised in Naples, Fla.
Residence: Anaheim Hills, Calif.
Birthday: Sept. 2, 1966
Family: Husband, Burt Jolly, and his daughters, Ainsley and Lauren Jolly. (Burt is the principal of Premiere Engineering.)