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Color Commentary

Suzanne Morrissey

It’s hard to work at a college and not compare the experiences of current students to one’s own memories of school days. For me, move-in day on my campus was a quiet affair, with nervous students toiling over suitcases while parents buzzed about, finding ways to stay busy in an attempt to keep the tears at bay. Happily, my roommate and I forged an instant bond when we each unpacked an Opus the Penguin doll (of “Bloom County” comic strip fame) as a memento from home.

But that happy memory seems to pale in comparison to what happened here on the Hill a few Saturdays ago. As first-year students and their families arrived, a group of well-wishing, hollering, whistling, waving residence life staff, student helpers and even some local alumni (see page 47) welcomed each car and SUV. (All this in a drenching rain, no less!) And, as the arrivals unloaded boxes of linens and dorm essentials, more folks jumped in to lend a hand with the heavy lifting.

In the years ahead, there will be even more helpers in the form of professors, chaplains and fellow students to guide and inspire the Class of 2013 as they find their place at the table and become nourished on the academic, spiritual and community opportunities at Holy Cross.

Those rich and varied opportunities are immediately apparent to first-year students through Montserrat. Beginning on Page 34, you'll read about how this unique program (now beginning its second year) is faring on campus.  Plus, as part of his annual President's Report (Page 13), Fr. McFarland eloquently describes what “engaged learning” means at Holy Cross and its importance in Jesuit higher education.

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