Fosforo: Q. & A. with Professor Daniel Frost

You're invited to step into our conversation with Spanish professor Daniel Frost and hear more about the new edition of fósforo, the Latino arts and culture journal.

Special Report:

Get the inside line on the Holy Cross Fund, learn how econ professors view the financial crisis and discover all the benefits you can use for free as an alumnus

Global Vision

Fr. McFarland visited Indonesia to see a new internship program at work, and to help build even more cultural bridges.

Favreau Speech

Jon Favreau spoke to hundreds on his Commencement Day in 2003. Now his words reach billions. Read his entire Valedictory speech.


Holy Cross Magazine

Volume 43 Number 3


A Valedictorian’s New Address

In 2003, Jon Favreau spoke to an audience of hundreds on Fitton Field. Today, as chief speechwriter in the White House, his words reach billions.

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The View from the Hill: How the Economic Crisis Affects Holy Cross (and You)

For colleges and universities, the last year of economic turmoil has played out as the perfect financial storm. Learn how the College is navigating the challenges while holding fast on key priorities, including need-blind admissions. Plus, a refresher on resources available to you through the GAA.

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