Book Notes

Bedtime Stories by Chase

By John R. Kilsheimer ’45

Bedtime Stories by Chase (Authorhouse), by John R. Kilsheimer ’45, is a compilation of stories as told by a miniature schnauzer, Chase, to his master, Good Buddy. Kilsheimer relates 30 “true” stories—one for every night of the month—that teach valuable lessons from his dog’s point of view. While providing smiles, soothing thoughts and pleasant dreams, Kilsheimer’s book also describes moral lessons in a fascinating way for children to appreciate and enjoy. It is a perfect gift from a parent or grandparent to a young child, and it is a welcome gift for dog lovers of any age.   

Kilsheimer, who worked in chemical research, is a retired senior vice president of the Scotts Company. He resides with his wife and dog in Edgewater, Fla.


Transcending Self-Interest: Psychological Explorations of the Quiet Ego

Edited by Heidi A. Wayment and Jack J. Bauer ’89

For decades, social scientists have observed that Americans are becoming more selfish, headstrong and callous. Transcending Self-Interest: Psychological Explorations of the Quiet Ego (American Psychological Association Books), edited by Heidi A. Wayment and Jack J. Bauer ’89, provides a framework for understanding both the problems of egocentrism and the ways of transcending the cultural slide toward narcissism. Wayment and Bauer have assembled a group of contributors who are helping to reshape how the field of psychology defines the self in the 21st century—by an ego that balances the needs of self and others in everyday life as well as develops compassion, self-awareness and interdependent self-identity.

Bauer is an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Dayton in Ohio.


CONNECTIONS: Portraits of Asia

By Stephen M. Murphy ’77

In CONNECTIONS: Portraits of Asia (LawyersWriting/IMAGO), Stephen M. Murphy ’77 presents an intimate photographic essay of his travels to Asia over a period of four years. As he captures images from Vietnam, Bali, Laos, China, Burma and Thailand, Murphy explores the cultural differences between East and West and invites viewers on a journey to a world very different from our own.

Murphy is a trial lawyer in San Francisco, Calif. He is the author of three books: Alibi; Their Word is Law: Bestselling Lawyer-Novelists Talk About Their Craft; and What if Holden Caulfield Went to Law School?: Selected Legal Fiction and Nonfiction.


The Holy Encounter: Meditations on the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple

By Rev. Robert F. Slesinski ’72

Rev. Robert F. Slesinski ’72 reflects on the feast day celebrating the presentation of the Christ child in the temple of Jerusalem 40 days after his nativity in The Holy Encounter: Meditations on the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple (Eastern Christian Publications). He examines the theological, spiritual and moral significance of this feast from five different perspectives. 

Fr. Slesinski is the pastor of Holy Trinity Byzantine Catholic Church in New Britain, Conn.


First Aid for the COMLEX

By Zachary Nye, John M. Lavelle ’01, Stockton M. Mayer and Rachel Laven

With First Aid for the COMLEX (McGraw-Hill Medical), Zachary Nye, John M. Lavelle ’01, Stockton M. Mayer and Rachel Laven provide a step-by-step review guide for the COMLEX (Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination). This book contains a database of facts covering the latest osteopathic techniques and considerations for clinical clerkships, a question and answer section at the end of each chapter for topic mastery and exam day practice, clear illustrations to clarify concepts and anatomy, and a primer for the COMLEX PE exam (Part 1 and Part 2). Written by OMT fellows who aced their boards, this guide is the secret weapon for acing the COMLEX.

Lavelle is a student at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, a college of Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Ill. He is completing an undergraduate teaching fellowship in the department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.


The Cambridge Companion to the Jesuits

Edited by Rev. Thomas W. Worcester, S.J.

The Cambridge Companion to the Jesuits (Cambridge University Press) explores the religious and cultural significance of the Society of Jesus, founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1540. This Companion, edited by Rev. Thomas W. Worcester, S.J., describes the Jesuits’ roles as priests, missionaries and educators in the era after the Reformation until the present day. With essays by international scholars, Worcester’s Companion provides a stimulating and accessible introduction to the history of the Jesuits.

Fr. Worcester is an associate professor of history at the College. 


Teaching the Daode Jing

Edited by Gary DeAngelis

The Daode Jing is a highly enigmatic work rooted in ancient Chinese cosmology, ontology, metaphysics and moral thinking. With it being offered to high school and college students in religion, philosophy, history and literature courses, teachers and faculty confront the question: How should I teach the Daode Jing? Teaching the Daode Jing (Oxford University Press), edited by Gary DeAngelis, provides up-to-date information on classroom strategies that have been successful in a variety of teaching environments. The contributors address questions like: Should we capitalize on popular interest in the Daode Jing in our classrooms? Which of the many translations and scholarly approaches should we use? Is it appropriate to think of the Daode Jing as a religious text?

DeAngelis is associate director of the Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies and lecturer in the department of religious studies at Holy Cross.


Identity, Memory, and Diaspora: Voices of Cuban-
American Artists, Writers, and Philosophers

Edited by Jorge J. E. Gracia, Lynnette M. F. Bosch and Isabel Alvarez Borland

Jorge J. E. Gracia, Lynnette M. F. Bosch and Isabel Alvarez Borland interview 19 prominent Cuban-American artists, writers and philosophers and present their stories in Identity, Memory, and Diaspora: Voices of Cuban-American Artists, Writers, and Philosophers (State University of New York Press). The interviewees, including Mario Bencomo, Carlos Eire and Oscar Marti, offer insight into how they see themselves, how they have dealt with the diaspora and their memories and how their work has been influenced by their experiences. Their answers reveal different perspectives on art, literature and philosophy; and they offer a detailed picture of the different challenges they encountered personally and professionally. 

Alvarez Borland is a professor of Spanish at the College. She is the author of Cuban-American Literature of Exile: From Person to Persona.