HC Delegates Help Elect New Jesuit Superior General

In October 2016, Jesuits from across the globe gathered in Rome at the Jesuit Curia, the worldwide headquarters of the Society of Jesus, to elect a new Superior General. Of 200 delegates charged with electing the new leader of the Jesuit order worldwide, five have Holy Cross connections:

Rev. James G. Gartland, S.J., Trustee of the College
Rev. Thomas Greene, S.J., Trustee of the College
Rev. Michael McFarland, S.J., Past-President
Rev. Joseph O’Keefe, S.J., ’76, Former Trustee
Rev. George Pattery, S.J., Former Visiting International Scholar

The 200 delegates comprised the General Congregation, the supreme legislative body of the Society of Jesus, which is made up of major superiors and locally elected representatives. They elected Rev. Arturo Sosa, S.J., of Venezuela as their new Superior General and also worked together to set the vision for the order in the future.

In the 450 years that the Jesuit order has existed, there have only been 35 General Congregation meetings; these meetings are held to elect a new superior general when the previous one dies or resigns, or to address major issues confronting Jesuit works and life.  ■

—Maura Sullivan Hill